"Hercules in the 21st Century" by David Boelke
Welcome! I’m David Boelke, and “David Boelke Creative Services” is the best description I can offer of my illustrations, storyboards, writing, and the creative direction I offer my clients. Based in Burbank, CA, my company has been up, running and operational since 2004. My work has cropped up in editorial illustrations for books and magazines, video storyboards, web sites, advertising, t-shirts, mugs, national TV spots, entertainment, as well as industrial and corporate events. 

Please feel free to wander around my site and peruse content. I include everything from rough pencil layouts to finished illustrations for your own reference and/or amusement. In addition I offer writing samples. An entirely different kettle of fish, they are available upon request to anyone interested. Rather than one set style, I incorporate variations. Taking a pragmatic approach to creative challenges. If you have a particular message in mind, we will work together to adapt my style, whatever it takes to make sure your idea resonates with your intended audience. 

Samples in my soon to be expanded cartoon section, can be licensed to use for your own projects (or for use as some pretty awesome refrigerator art). As with any art license, different uses require different prices. If you have an entirely new concept in mind, even better! Click here or on the contact me link to get my contact information. We can make arrangements and get your project up, running and underway!
"Inkwell Caricature" by David Boelke
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Editorial Illustrations Burbank CA
"Hercules in the 21st Century" — Benchmark Education 
Illustration forCesar's Way,      "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan'sNew York TimesBest-Seller 
Illustrations, Storyboards, Concept Drawings, Writing, Creative Direction 

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