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Cartoon Illustrator in Burbank CA
My Life: (The Thumbnail Version)As a kid growing up in the Chicago suburbs I was a compulsive doodler. I didn't think it would amount to much more than another reason for my teachers to yell at me until a local paper ran one of my cartoons on their front page when I was in eighth grade. Once out of college, I careened between the fields of entertainment and art, eventually finding my logical destiny creating — you guessed it — entertaining art. I freelanced in New York and migrated to southern California, where I live and work to this day.Kids Stuff/Editorial IllustrationsDuring its long run, I wrote and drew satire that landed in the interior illustrations and back cover "Commercial Breaks" forZillions, a Consumer Reports Magazine for Kids. Today, one of my favorite assignments is working upDisney Children's Publishing Worldwide  illustrations for books based on Disney/Pixar movies such as "Cars," "Ratatouille,"and"Wall-E." Grownup Stuff/Concept Drawings and StoryboardsI provide concept sketches for proposals, storyboards for commercials and on-site sketches for designers. My experience working in L.A. as a creative director has proven invaluable in helping clients transfer their vision from mind's eye to page. 
Comic Illustrator in Burbank CA
Kids Magazine Illustrations Burbank CA
A futuristic "War of the Worlds" adaptation for Benchmark