"HP's Alternative Thinking Time Lab" by David Boelke
Together HP and the creative genius behind “Hair on Fire”, Joe Galliani, came up with a brilliant online brochure about HP’s energy saving data center products. one that went beyond dry technospeak and grabbed customers attention. Creative direction at its finest, a Dilbert-esque cartoon strip was concocted. One chronicling an overworked data processing manager. Whose travails underscored the problems that HP products would solve (if only he knew).

With Joe’s genius writing and my up to par illustrating, the Hair on Fire four-panel comic strip, set the problem up at the beginning of a chapter, allowing for HP to solve it in the ensuing pages using the team of Frank and Roy, renegade brainiacs working in HP’s alternative thinking page.

A concentrated effort allowed us to create something unique and collaborative. An accurate representation of daily life at David Boelke Creative. Working with us allows your ideas, off the wall as they may be, to come to life with some assistance in the process from me. In addition to editorial illustrating, storyboards and cartoons, I offer copy, script and speech writing. Whatever you need for your project, I’m willing and eager to help provide.

Each project has its own set of variables, and prices depend on the nature of the work, the length of the creative process and what the work will be used for. I will gladly give an estimate once the work is discussed and a creative plan and direction is found. Please browse my site for some more cartoon artwork and examples of creative collaboration, and contact me with any questions. I’m looking forward to working with you!
"The Adventures of Hair On Fire" by David Boelke
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Left: The harried Hair On Fire sets up  the data center problem.Right: Frank and Roy solve it with great HP products.

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